Student Housing

At C&N our student housing motto is... "get the work done so the kids can move in."  We have the experience and "know how" to adjust to your unique schedules for labor intensive projects or simple routine maintenance of your units exteriors and/or interiors.

  • Very time and labor intensive
  • Specialized scheduling
  • Maintenance

The Student Housing sector of the Multi-Family Industry is blossoming despite the economic and real estate slow down. Despite the recession, more than 15 million additional degreed workers will be needed by the end of 2012 to replace retiring baby boomers. This need for skilled workers will further stimulate the demand for higher education and in student housing. Rents in student properties have not dropped, so net operating incomes for those properties are significantly better than for a parent company’s conventional apartments.

Students that have traditionally lived on campus in university owned dorms or with roommates in conventional housing near campus are now looking at student housing complexes that cater to their ever changing tastes and needs. Student housing is an ever growing specialized niche market catering to the ever changing student tastes and needs.

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