Roofing Repair Services

C&N Renovation is dedicated to providing our Florida Multi-Family Apartment, Condominium, Retail Store and Commercial Office Building clients with the best quality of building and roofing repair services available. C&N Renovation’s service team are experts and know how to handle virtually any type of repair job. We can quickly determine the problem and implement the solution. Our service technicians can handle repairing the most common problems to the more complex on commercial or residential jobs from simple roof and truss repairs to heavy sheathing and fixing overhanging mansard roof surfaces on storefronts.

Installing and Repairing Low Sloped & Sloped Roofs

C &N Renovation can assist with installing and repairing Commercial Low Sloped/Flat Roofing systems, as well as, Sloped Roofing systems including shingles. Tile and metal applications has been a staple of our company since our inception. We install and repair all types of custom roof systems and can meet with you to determine the proper course of action for your existing roof problems. We also provide full service commercial roof maintenance packages designed to assist your roof in achieving its maximum life!

We specialize in commercial roofing throughout the southeast and can service all of your roofing needs--in any location!

Low Sloped Applications

  • Energy Efficient Systems
  • Single Ply Mechanically Attached or Adhered Systems
  • SBS, APP and Cold Applied Modified Bitumen Systems
  • Traditional Built-up Roofing (BUR) Systems
  • Coating and Restoration Systems

Sloped Applications Energy Efficient Systems

  • Three Tab and Dimensional Shingles
  • Concrete and Synthetic Tile Systems
  • Metal Panel Systems

Type of Build Out Projects

  • Commercial Manufacturing
  • Property Management
  • Banks and Institutional
  • Accounts Apartment Buildings
Roofing Projects

Roofing Repair/Maintenance

Roof systems in Florida and across the southeast are especially susceptible to severe storms, weathering, expansion, contraction and human abuse. It is not uncommon for leakage to develop within a very short period of time after the original roof application. As a result, a good practical maintenance program where continual inspections and routine maintenance is performed is key to extending useful life of your roof.
Contact C & N Renovation today for your roof repair or maintenance needs.

Building Maintenance

Building Inspection/Maintenance

In addition, exposure to unusual pollutants, hurricanes, strong winds, and animals such as squirrels and birds that tear lead and destroy foam bands may result in additional roof damage. These damages, if unattended to, can lead to very costly building structure/carpentry repairs to your Multi-Family Apartments, Condominiums, Retail Stores and Commercial Offices.
Let C & N Renovation inspect your building today!

We're Here to Help

Let us help you maximize your commercial building and roofing maintenance dollars and make your life easy. A well maintained building and in particular a well maintained roofing system are very important assets. Building owners, property management companies and insurance companies today recognize the significance of the investment they have made to protect their building and its contents from water damage, in terms of the roofs initial cost versus the cost to replace it. Even though a manufacturer’s or contractor’s warranty may have been purchased, the building owner continues to be responsible for proper roof care and maintenance.

C&N Renovation’s roof inspection and maintenance programs offer over a dozen services to ensure top performance of your roof system.
Here are just a few:
Roof Inspection/Maintenance
Scheduled periodic inspections of the roof & the structure.
Working roof plan prepared depicting location of vents, drains, skylights, curbs & other penetrations.
A progressive analysis of roof conditions.
History of completed maintenance that can be used to your advantage in property management.
Notification of unknown roof alteration which may result in damage and/or leakage.
24-hour emergency repair services.
Roof system maintenance that becomes a tax deductible expense.
Advanced warnings of conditions that exist on the roof that could affect heating, cooling & fan equipment, duct work, window & masonry caulk joints, electrical & gas piping, etc

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