Carpentry Services

At C&N we provide quality services and repairs that help our Multi-Family Apartment, Condominium Association, Retail Store, Commercial Office and Residential Home customers. We are experts at handling virtually any kind of repair whether interior or exterior. Repair services require specialized skills; including the knowledge of where to find that particular product and the knowledge to know how to install a product properly and at a fair cost-effective price to the customer.

Some of our carpentry services include:

  • Addtions & Alterations
  • Framing
  • Structural Repairs
  • Tenant Buildouts
  • Wood Replacement

Wall and framing repairs on Apartment Buildings, Condominiums, Retail Stores, Office Buildings and Homes are usually, but not always, designed by an engineer. Therefore selecting the proper product(s), fasteners, etc are just as important as selecting the proper Contractor. We are committed to providing superior quality, from material selection(s) to outstanding craftsmanship and supervision, we will help you solve your problem(s).

C&N is a GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor, a status achieved by only 2% of the roofing contractors across the country. “Not all roofing contractors are created equal”. We are one of the few contractors that will always take the time to make sure we stop your leak by investigating the source and locating the entry point. We’ll repair or replace any bad decking or flashing, install new underlayment and matching shingles. As opposed to many other contractor’s quick-fix method of smearing roof cement over the leak area.

Our objective is to provide each client with a cost effective “turn-key” finished product. We provide thorough, easy to understand proposals with step-by-step detail customized to meet your needs. Please check out below the many other services that we provide to help our customers. From Emergency Services to Disaster Recovery, to Painting and Concrete Replacement, C&N can help you get your project(s) completed.

C&N is a State Certified Building and Roofing Contractor, fully licensed, insured and bond-able. We believe job site safety and communication with owners / managers are key elements to getting your project completed correctly and the way you want it.

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